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Branding isn’t just a pretty logo, it’s your values, voice and guiding compass. Branding provides the basis for connection, allowing your customers and the whole wide world out there to see you for who you really are.

Where do you even start? How do you do it right? - This is where we come in. Branding is our passion. Its what we are good - nay - great at. We are here to make sure everything works seamlessly and that your new branding effectively communicates what you want it to.

Our branding package will take your project from its infancy right up until it sprouts its first weedy moustache. This package will cover:

Your Visual Identity:
Visual is the front line of your brand. It is the first thing people will see and recognise. So what sort of impression do you want to leave? In a world where every colour
and shape has intrinsic connotations, it is our job to make sure the correct wires are connected for your brand.

Your Verbal Identity:
How do you talk to your clients? How does your brand talk when you are not around? We help decide upon your communication style and methods to ensure the right message is being conveyed in a way that will be correctly received by the intended audience.

Your Brand values:
People just want to connect. They want to find something in common with the brands they buy from. Values stand at the very core of your brand - they are the centre from which everything radiates including your visual identity and verbal identity.


We specialise in creating stunning designs that are not only beautiful but also strategically sound. Our designs are shaped by the values of each specific business, meaning that you won’t be receiving a cookie cutter logo but a bespoke design that has been crafted by us especially for you.

Some people think business cards are dead. We think those people are losers. Nothing replaces the joy of giving or receiving a beautifully designed card - it’s like receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. We aim to eradicate bad business cards from this planet. You work hard to make a name for your company so don’t let an average looking card be the lasting memory someone takes from you.

Consistency is what makes the branding successful. This document solidifies all the hard work we put into creating it and ensures you stay on track. This super handy resource will become your brand’s bible - something you can always turn to for guidance on how to seamlessly apply your logo and branding assets across your entire business.

This custom designed & built site has plenty of room for all the info your audience wants to know about you and your business. Our websites are cool, user-centric, made to reflect to your branding and most importantly not templated! We froth over creating a website that is perfectly tailored to your business. We work in Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace - choosing the best program to suit you & your needs.



Like that high school teacher you loved to hate - we will start by giving you two bits of homework. You are the expert of your business so we need to mine you for all the juicy nugs of knowledge. So first up we will get you to fill out our comprehensive branding questionnaire and then we will need you to compile an inspirational dream board. This will be a collection of colours, logos and any cute design things that tickle your fancy...and yes we accept Pinterest Boards.

Once all the homework is complete and you’ve paid your initial deposit we will set up a proper little meet and greet so we can get to know each other a bit better and answer or ask any questions we both may have. (For our interstate & overseas friends, we can do this follow-up chat via Skype)


This is where we begin our homework assignment - the unearthing process. We delve deep into related industry research and direct competitor analysis which we will use alongside what you have given us to pull together a mood board. This will be a smorgasbord of design feels, general vibey images and key descriptive words that will set the tone for your brand moving forward and will give you an inkling of the design direction you can expect to see as your project unfolds.


Now that you have signed off on your mood board, it’s about time for us to start slogging away on 3-5 logo concepts for you. We will send through a presentation of your logo designs with some mockups too so you can see them in all their glory.

You get 3 rounds of revisions for your logo. This is so we can really finesse it & make sure you are completely stoked with the final logo. (Most people don’t need to use all three rounds, but it’s nice to have them just in case.) Once we are all stoked with the final design we then roll it out, simultaneously developing the visual and verbal identity of your brand.


Consistency is the key to successful branding. This document solidifies all the hard work we put into creating your brand and ensures you stay on track.

This document concisely instructs you on how & where to use your new logo, fonts, colour palettes, photography direction and any other graphic rules that will help keep your brand in line. Importantly, it also encapsulates your brand values and your verbal identity.

This super handy resource will become your brand’s bible - something you and any member of your business can always turn to for guidance on how to seamlessly apply your branding assets.