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Keep It Cute Kitchen

Keep it Cute Kitchen (K.I.C.K.) supports women (and men) in the Black and Brown community on their collective journey to health and elevated living.

This project has been one of the most colourful and outrageously energetic projects we have had the pleasure of being a part of. It has been a wonderful journey working with the incredible Nicole Orisich and where we started this project is miles from where we have ended it…but for all the right reasons.

The strategy from the start was strong and eventually it did what it was supposed to and brought us onto the right path with the right purpose for this project. The end result is something we adore and that really reflects the genius of Nicole and what she is trying to achieve.

The colour palette is bold and bright, with juicy pinks and reds. The stacked bowls of the logo pay homage to the practice of stacking stones as a form of balance and meditation. The language across this brand is contagious and leaves you wanting more. Everything about this brand is full of energy - it is not a passive brand that sits there for people to pass by, rather it is there to bring you into its world. At each and every touch point you are pulled deeper and deeper into this world.

Together we have created a space that transcends the physical barrier of distance and connects community in the world of K.I.C.K.

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