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Salt & Sage

Salt & Sage creates food with thought.

This was the brand strategy we developed for Salt & Sage that guided the entire project.

What sets the founder, Tiffany Swan, apart is the collaborative & personal service she provides - learnt from her extensive experience as a chef, product developer, sommelier & nutritionist. Every tiny detail is accounted for to create a top quality learning experience that creates a catalyst of connection between people and their home-cooked food.

Like a blank canvas, Salt + Sage’s main hues set the table for a vibrant plate. The secondary colours are inspired by fresh produce & native wildflowers. The brand embraces pops of color to express the joy that comes with cooking, as well as creating a warm and inviting aesthetic.

Illustrative elements bring a playful yet consistent element to the brand, creating a distinctive and memorable reflection of Salt + Sage. 

Simple illustrations used throughout the brand experience help express the personality and create connection between users and the brand. We will also employ the use of texture to emphasise the warmth and personal touch of the brand.

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