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Social Impact QLD

Social Impact Queensland’s mission is to advance good projects that make a positive social impact to Queensland.

Knowing that their purpose is rooted in positive corporate responsibility, we wanted to create a brand that visually represented a bright future. We want to invoke the feeling of being optimistic for the future, and using this to drive successful partnerships and build a community of like-minded innovators.

Wherever possible, we intend the brand to feel alive — human, evolving, warm.

In the digital space, this comes from subtle motion elements and interactions.

In static pieces, such as print, we will continue this use of bright, warm coloured orbs with a textured gradient. Inviting the feeling of both the brightness of the future but also human touch/connection.

The bright orb design is printed on transparent stock and overlaid onto documents for full impact.

Brand Strategy


Website Design & Development

Print Design

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