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    Branding and the Surf Culture

    Co-founder Lucy Borrill had a chat with the epic and forever salty humans at Smorgasboarder Magazine to talk all things branding and the shared loved of surfing.

    Looking through your social media feed, aside from an array of stunning creative work, you appear to have a real affinity for the ocean. When and where did this begin?

    The ocean has been apart of my life as long as I can remember. My dad is an avid sailer so I’ve spent my whole life on the ocean. Once I started surfing, my life was changed forever. It became a core aspect of who I am and what inspires my creativity, curiosity and values.

    I noted you recently worked with the Burleigh Longboard Club. I saw you have put together a nice little website for them. How did that association come about?

    When I moved to the Gold Coast I wanted to join a board club, so I jumped online and quickly realised most of the local board clubs had such outdated websites it was hard to tell if any were still running. Luckily, I met someone who knew the president of Burleigh Long Boarders and soon enough I joined the club. Straight away I updated the website and the response from the members was overwhelming. I managed to resurrect the history of the club and make it accessible once more - that was a great feeling.

    So I take it you are interested in working with businesses involved with the surf industry? 

    Yes definitely. I already have a few surf industry clients and I have found that building brands with people that share the same passion as I do is so inspiring - there is just some level of understanding between ocean lovers that is so special.

    So what would you say is the core focus of your creative work?

    To create bloody good branding. 

    What is your approach to achieving this?

    We view every project holistically. Building brands rather than just designing something one-off creates authenticity and that is what we are about.

    Tell us about branding? Why is it so important?

    So recently I shaped my own surfboard in a workshop with the legendary Richard Harvey. It was here I realised that shaping is a great analogy for the importance of branding.

    A finished hand-shaped surfboard is a visual pleasure. The board style, colours and logo all work to tell a story. However, just like branding, the visual identity is only one part. The true beauty of your board is how it is shaped for the rider and the waves for which it will be ridden on. Plenty of research is put into the dynamics of the board to optimise it for the surfer. These ‘dynamics’ are also present in branding. The verbal identity and values of your brand are just as important. If you get these right, you will create authenticity for your brand's values that will connect with the right audience and create longevity and trust.

    Our field of work is fun, but it is also a means of funding some leisure time. What’s your dream surf holiday? 

    Crescent Head with a few mates and my dog. Coffee, surfing, beach driving and making pasta in the evening. Keeping it simple and appreciating the beautiful country we are so lucky to live in. 

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