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    Colour me inspired #2

    We genuinely do turn to nature for colour palette inspiration - however sometimes it also provides us with a brilliant way to brag about our recent travels. The thrill of smugly sharing the colours grabs of incredible nature scapes I have frequented is up there as one of my many obnoxious qualities.

    This photo was captured at Mossman Gorge - in Northern Queensland. I spent the day swimming in this way and splayed out on the warm rocks. Never would a photo do a place like this justice but I am satisfied with this colour sample.

    Colour codes below for those asking - in descending order:

    Camouflage Green: #81946C

    Black Olive: #3e423b

    Silver Pink: #c5b1b3

    Pale Orange: #fadfc1

    Pastel Grey: #d1c8c8