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    Our Branding Process


    First things first, we - like that highschool teacher you always hated - will give you some homework. This comes in the form of our comprehensive branding questionnaire, who’s job it is to get all the nitty gritty details about you and your business. After you finish that up, we ask you to pop over to Pinterest. Take a deep breath, you are not there to find a bunch of DIY project you love but will never ever get around to doing, you will be putting together a Pinterest Board with a whooole bunch of colours, logo styles, pretty pictures and funny memes that tickle your fancy.

    Once all the homework is complete – you’ve filled in our questionnaire, paid your initial deposit and shared with us your Pinterest board – we will set up a proper little meet and greet so we can get to know eachother a bit better. (For our interstate & overseas friends, we can do this initial chat via skype.)


    This is where we begin our homework assignment - the unearthing process. This is where we delve deep into related industry research and direct competitor analysis which we will use alongisde what you have given us to pull together a moodboard that will help establish the visual direction of your brand. Your board will be a chopping block of both design-focused and general vibey images that will set the tone for your brand moving forward and will give you an inkling of the design direction you can expect to see as your project unfolds.

    Not just ones for the visuals, we’ll also include some key descriptive words, a colour palette, and a summary for the direction we see your branding moving in. These boards & rationale will be a guiding light that we will refer back to throughout our process. Once you feel like your moodboard is just so you, we will then move on to creating your initial design concepts (yay!)


    Now that we have set the vibe with your moodboard it’s about time for us to start slogging away on 3-5 logo concepts for you to take your pick from. These concepts will be presented in a document where you will get to see them presented in all their glory alongside some mockups so you can really imagine how they could look in the real world.

    You now get up to 3 rounds of revisions from this point on. This is so we can really finesse it & make sure you are completely stoked with the final logo. (Most people don’t need to use all three rounds, but its nice to have them there just in case.) Once we are all happy chaps with the final logo we will send you all the logo files via Wetransfer so you can go town plastering them on everything you can.


    Consistency is what makes the branding successful. This document solidifies all the hard work we put into creating it and ensures you stay on track.

    All the little bits & pieces that we have developed during our branding process will be presented in a concise branding document. This document includes instructions on how & where to use your new logo, your chosen fonts, colour palettes, your moodboard, photography direction and any other graphic rules that will help keep your brand in line.

    This super handy resource will become your brand’s bible - something you can always turn to for guidance and reminders on how to seamlessly apply your logo and branding assets across your entire business.