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    The Creating of Social Wellness Co.

    Colour and texture and type, oh my!

    Social Wellness Co. was a dreamy client for sure. A business built around connecting us all digitally whilst holding roots to the natural and healthy. With their mission to be 'a place where brands come to find an authentic connection to their ideal audience' we worked hard to capture this technical but grounded essence throughout their branding experience.

    Starting with a warming colour palette of terracottas, ochres, warm greys and deep greens, we aimed to bring raw natural vibes to the techy world of social media. Focusing on using textures and a clean yet organic style of photography we wanted to help Social Wellness Co. convey their position as a digital agency built specifically for health and wellness companies.

    The branding came together so naturally, as the founder Jenni Bourque completely embodied what her business was all about through and through. Her warm, laidback personality with her insane attention to detail is woven throughout SWCO's entire process and definitely came across throughout the project.

    Having a well thought out website was crucial for Social Wellness Co. - being a business founded on the offering of creating a digital presence we made sure that the site was not only beautiful aesthetically but also easy to navigate, clear and above all, functional.

    Overall we have loved collaborating with Social Wellness Co. on this amazing project and love how natural and clean this brand looks and feels.

    Portfolio: Social Wellness Co.