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So you had an incredible wedding and of course paid out the tooshy for a photographer, but now what?


It seems that buying a hard cover wedding album from your photographer is more expensive than a trip to Mars. We baulked at the rigid template design and the pricing so then decided to create a solution.​

Meet The Wedding Magazine.​

A stunning yet affordable solution to your “what do I do with my gorgeous wedding photos once I have spammed everyone on social media” problem.

We take your wedding photos, your speeches and your vows and turn it all into a beautifully designed, adoringly personal and expertly printed magazine.

It is the perfect gift for your grannie, bridal party and your dog. It can sit pretty on a coffee table without making your guests lovesick.

Best of all we love creating them!


We also are known to dip our toes in the wedding stationery world too. So if you are wanting wedding invitations or signage please feel free to get in touch and we can brainstorm the perfect solution for your perfect day.