The brief for Olive + Finch was simple and perfect. It was to be feminine with the feeling of warmth and homeliness. Mustard yellow, burnt butter and rich greens were to be the colours used across this brand.

To suit the natural vibe of the brand we decided to print the swing tag business cards on 100% recycled stock. The strong texture and earthy tones perfectly match any flower bouquet. For this same reason we opted for white ink to be letter-pressed onto the card, removing the colour off these cards was done purposefully so that it would not clash with the flowers. In turn these cards perfectly compliment the band palette.

And finally we tied in all the branding on the e-commerce website. Here the visual and verbal identity of the brand are combined to reflect the true brand personality and values. The overall feel of the website is warm and friendly. It has been optimised for mobile and is therefore user friendly on any device.

> visual identity
> verbal identity
> brand strategy
> stationery & collateral
> website
> illustration

Olive + Finch Botanicals