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a bloody good design studio.

a bloody good design studio.


How It All Started

LUMO began when two like minds decided to bring together their skills, passion and love for gin to create a place where they could focus on doing what they love, for those they love.


Their calling is branding for passion-led businesses and startups, maybe it is the shared passion, determination and coffee adoration that helped forged the foundations of why they do what they do, and how they do it so well. 


Creative Director

Imogen is the detail. Imogen’s eye for the finer things was nursed through her studies in architecture. But soon she realised her true passion lay in using that fastidious eye to create millimetre-perfect graphic design and marketing. This way, she’s able to create brands and websites that not only look bloody good but help business owners take things to the next level, too.


Managing Director

Lucy is the big thinker. She has over ten years of experience in creative communications—from journalism and travel videography to freelance design and brand management for big honchos. With a broad background and an acute taste for a range of mediums, she’s able to tie all the elements of communication into living, breathing brands that have a big and beautiful impact on the world around them.

It has been fabulous collaborating with LUMO for the branding & websites for our two hospitality venues

Imogen was fabulous at workshopping ideas and easily assimilated what we desired with her talented design flare to produce a ‘look and feel' that was original and to brief. Throughout the whole process she is very approachable and open to ideas which makes our partnership so valuable. Hope to work with you again someday soon!

Jacqueline Shine, Albarossa Pty Ltd

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