Branding isn’t just a pretty logo, it’s perfect compilation of your visual and verbal identity. Branding provides the basis for connection, allowing your customers and the whole wide world out there to see you for who you really are.


Where do you even start? How do you do it right and with gusto? - This is where we come in. Branding is our passion. It's what we are good - nay - great at. We are here to make sure everything works seamlessly and that your new branding effectively communicates what you want it to.


Our Full Shebang branding package will take your project from its infancy right up until it sprouts its first weedy moustache.



This custom designed & built site has plenty of room for all the info your audience wants to know about you and your business. Our websites are cool, user-centric, made to reflect to your branding and most importantly not templated! We froth over creating a website that is perfectly tailored to your business. We use a range of website platforms including Shopify, Wordpress, Kajabi, Wix and Squarespace - before we begin we audit your brand/business strategy to ensure we are choosing the best platform to suit you & your needs.


Our e-commerce sites are for anyone selling a physical product, digital product or a service through their website. We custom design, build and tailor it so your audience can find you and spend their hard earned cash in your new, very sleek online store. We spend time making sure it not only reflects your branding but is also user-centric. We work in Wordpress, Shopify, Wix and Squarespace - choosing the best program to suit you & your business specifically.


A landing page is the perfect way to maintain an online presence for your brand without getting complicated. We call this little nugget the digital business card - It includes all the necessary contact info so your clients/potential clients can get in touch, see what you have to offer and find more about you.


Nothing flexes our creative muscles like pulling together beautiful photographs and blending them with tear-jerking words into an amazing layout fit for print. Meet our wedding magazines.​ A stunning yet affordable solution to your “what do I do with my gorgeous wedding photos once I have spammed everyone on social media” problem.


We take your wedding photos, your speeches and your vows and turn it all into a beautifully designed, adoringly personal and expertly printed magazine.​​

It is the perfect gift for your grannie, bridal party and your dog. It can sit pretty on a coffee table without making your guests lovesick.

Best of all we love creating them!

LUMO was able to listen and truly connect my vision of what I was looking for in a brand and website with a creative representation.

I was just starting, ready to start a legit business. I needed a website built and branding done. Lumo was able to listen and truly connect my vision of what I was looking for in a brand and website with a creative representation.


They listen to what you are looking for and get it right, which is not an easy thing to find with a branding and website company. I liked them so much I've used Lumo for other projects and will continue to reach out to them as projects come my way. I've recommended so many times..... Go LUMO! Since working with Lumo I've been able to bring in an extra 5-7k a month since.

- Jenni, Social Wellness Co.

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