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LanCon has been building premium homes in Brisbane for 12 years. We’re a family-owned business, so we know what it takes to build family homes. Whether you’re a family of two or ten, we know that what makes a house a home isn’t a roof and a floor, it’s the memories made there.

Your house provides you shelter, but your home is much more – it’s the launch pad for beach day escapades, the backyard cricket home ground, an art gallery full of finger paintings and your own private cocktail lounge.

One of the goals we were tasked with was to accurately represent the core values of this family run business in their visual identity. Through our brand strategy workshop we were able to create the concept of ‘Welcome Home’ and use this as our guiding star for how we would reinvent this brand.

A key turning point was deciding to use formal house photography as a supplement and rather focus all brand photography on capturing real families within the homes being built. We engaged Heidi Talic who is an incredible family photographer to capture this new brand vision.

We also refined the visual identity by removing the dated gradient and colours from the brand and cleaning it up, simplifying it. Keeping the navy but applying it in a much more minimalist style.

It was a large undertaking to roll out this new brand across every single touch point, but it was extremely satisfying and effective.

Brand Strategy


Website Design & Development

Print Design

Art Direction

Digital Design


Photography Heidi Talic

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