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We turn your vision into a living, breathing brand you can be proud of.

an organic skincare apothecary

We have been with Wildgold since its conception, working alongside the dedicated team to design the branding, packaging and online store experience for this small batch apothecary, located on Vancouver Island.

an architecture studio who are catalysts for activation, devils for detail & creators of space.

Through this rebrand project, our mission was to distinguish MAS Architecture Studio in their industry and accurately depict their capability through showcasing their portfolio in a dynamic way.

restaurant nestled in amongst the wildflowers at the iconic Kings Park Botanic Gardens.

Our mission was bring to life a brand that reflected the goals of the restaurant owners. To build an identity that was simpatico to the natural environment and cultural foundations on which the restaurant is located.

a premium builder that knows what makes a house a home isn’t a roof and a floor, it’s the memories made there.

Our mission was to elevate the positioning of LanCon within its industry and to reconnect with the target audience in an authentic and emotional way.

"Working with LUMO has transformed our business to a new level of business strategy, market positioning & branding professionalism"


"LUMO was a dream to work with! They were knowledgeable, patient and very accommodating of my ideas whilst making a beautiful and functional website suiting all my business needs. Excited to have LUMO working on my next projects and would happily recommend them to anyone wanting to take their brand to the next level."


"LUMO was able to listen and truly connect my vision of what I was looking for in a brand and website with a creative representation."


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